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Unique opportunity to get creative with Don in glorious Greece

Don has decided to team up with Argo Experiences in Greece to deliver a unique, once in a life-time 5 day creative course, “Drawing & Painting with Don – Art & Nature”. Over the 5 days Don will share his knowledge and skills regarding… Continue Reading “Unique opportunity to get creative with Don in glorious Greece”

Young Hearts Run Free

I am delighted to be part of Young Hearts Run Free‘s latest creative festival, No Idle Day. For my part, I am doing a drawing workshop in No.5 South Leinster Street, home to Friends of the National Gallery of Ireland (as you probably know,… Continue Reading “Young Hearts Run Free”

What Leonardo means to me

Recently I paid a visit to the National Gallery of Ireland – one of my favourite haunts – to view the small exhibition featuring ten drawings by the great Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, on loan from the Royal Collection Trust. It was a… Continue Reading “What Leonardo means to me”

What Shakespeare means to me

My introduction to William Shakespeare was in the form of a scratchy film print shown in the school hall. I was 9 years old at the time. The film was Laurence Olivier’s classic film adaptation of Hamlet. I found it fascinating to watch this… Continue Reading “What Shakespeare means to me”

Yes For Love

There is a lovely project being run at the moment entitled Yes For Love. Lots of creatives have been asked to do graphics in support and here’s Don’s one. Have a look through the images, they are really excellent.  

Flying Witch



You’re Swell