Ages 8-12

These books are best suited to ages 8-12. To buy either of these books, contact your local bookshop. Happy reading!

“Whoever may come upon this journal please believe that I am of sound mind and that all that I have written down is true, no matter how fantastical or fanciful it may appear. I would not have believed it myself only that I too have seen and witnessed it with my own eyes.”
A journal written by a priest in the nineteenth century claims a vampire was captured and locked in a coffin in a vault under Tintern Abbey. When a group of teenagers stumble across the journal they set out to uncover the truth about the vampire and get caught up in a terrifying adventure, spanning centuries, which could cost them their lives!
“I’ve such a hunger, such a thirst” he spoke to the darkness. His eyes glowed like burning coasts.
A series of brutal murders are committed on the dark streets of Dublin. They have one terrifying feature in common: the victims are all drained of blood.
Inspector Wilson and Detective McGuire, convinced the murderer is a would-be vampire, join forces with beautiful horror-writer Madame Kinski and vampire-expert Doctor Drachler to solve the crimes.
For Doyler and Cooley, Dublin hard-men hired by Drachler, the whole thing is a handy meal-ticket… just as long as they don’t become the meal!
Most deadly of hunters, he’s set free in a brand new century.

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