Ages 8-12

The Sea Trilogy

Delve into the wonders of the sea with Don’s Sea Trilogy. These timeless classics will evoke a love for nature, adventure and mystery with the sea at the heart of each story.

Quiz Books

Put your thinking caps on and have some fun with Don’s quiz books. Learn lots of wildlife and nature facts and find out just how much of a movie buff you are!

Back Catalogue Books

These are Don’s back-catalogue books. They are currently out of print so if you have any enquiries regarding these books please contact Poolbeg press.

Vampire Journal

“Whoever may come upon this journal please believe that I am of sound mind and that all that I have written down is true, no matter how fantastical or fanciful it may appear. I would not have believed it myself only that I too have seen and witnessed it with my own eyes.”

A journal written by a priest in the nineteenth century claims a vampire was captured and locked in a coffin in a vault under Tintern Abbey. When a group of teenagers stumble across the journal they set out to uncover the truth about the vampire and get caught up in a terrifying adventure, spanning centuries, which could cost them their lives!

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