Ages 6-9

The following books are part of Don’s back-catalogue.
You might find these in your local libraries.

Elephant at the Door book cover

Elephant At the Door

What would you do if you made a wish and it came true – that would be fun, wouldn’t it?

But suppose you wished for something very big and pink, like and elephant, only to discover it was at the front door.

Anaconda from Drumcondra book cover

The Anaconda from Drumcondra

Something fell off the back of a lorry. It wriggled and could talk. And as it turned out, it was looking for a home.

Meet Al – better known as the “Anaconda from Drumcondra”. Once you take him home, your life will never be the same again.

Rocky the Dinosaur book cover

Rocky the Dinosaur

What is as tall as the tallest giraffe, weighs the same as an African elephant and is as long as four cars? David’s visitor from Montana – Rocky the Dinosaur!

Rocky is a T-Rex with a difference! He can parachute, likes jam doughnuts and runs a breakfast cereal company. He puts it all down to EVOLUTION.

David’s adventures are just beginning…

The Bookworm Who Turned Over a New Leaf book cover

The Bookworm who turned over a new leaf

Clive is a bookworm. When he is flung out of the library which has been his home for over a year, he must find a new home. In the process he meets a host of characters, furred, feathered and human and embarks on a series of adventures only Don Conroy could think up!

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