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What Shakespeare means to me

My introduction to William Shakespeare was in the form of a scratchy film print shown in the school hall. I was 9 years old at the time. The film was Laurence Olivier’s classic film adaptation of Hamlet. I found it fascinating to watch this… Continue Reading “What Shakespeare means to me”

Good luck to Chris O’Dowd with the new book

I have a lot of time for Chris O’Dowd. I worked with him on an episode of Moone Boy last year. He is a major talent. Hope the new book goes great for him.

Moone Boy

For any¬†Moone Boy fans, you might be interested to know that Don will appear in Series 3 which will be aired in 2014. He was delighted to be involved with the very talented Chris O’Dowd and the rest of the crew. Before working in… Continue Reading “Moone Boy”

Mario Rostenstock show

Check out the hilarious new Mario Rosenstock show. About¬†thirteen minutes in there’s a cameo…

Don Conroy recites The Death Bed by Siegfried Sassoon

For years Don worked as an actor in many theatres including the Gate Theatre. Most recently he was seen in Fran. Tapping into his love of acting and poetry, here Don recites one of his favourite poems, The Death Bed by Siegfried Sassoon.