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Shakespeare and Ratbag

I’m working on a new book called Shakespeare and Ratbag. It’s a children’s book about a rat who inspires Shakespeare’s writing when he first moves to London. I feel that after featuring rats as villains in the Wings Trilogy it’s time for me to… Continue Reading “Shakespeare and Ratbag”

Dalkey Library re-launch

Dalkey Library was relaunched recently with the addition of a lovely garden dedicated to the memory of Maeve Binchy. Here are some photos taken by the Dun Laoghaire Gazette. Pictured below are Don, his wife Gay and fellow writer Marita Conlon-McKenna.

Anaconda from Drumcondra

Something fell off the back of a lorry. It wriggled and could talk. And as it turned out, it was looking for a home. Meet Al – better known as the “Anaconda from Drumcondra”. Once you take him home, your life will never be… Continue Reading “Anaconda from Drumcondra”

Rocky the Dinosaur

What is as tall as the tallest giraffe, weighs the same as an African elephant and is as long as four cars? David’s visitor from Montana – Rocky the Dinosaur! Rocky is a T-Rex with a difference! He can parachute, likes jam doughnuts and… Continue Reading “Rocky the Dinosaur”

The bookworm who turned over a new leaf

Clive is a bookworm. When he is flung out of the library which has been his home for over a year, he must find a new home. In the process he meets a host of characters, furred, feathered and human and embarks on a… Continue Reading “The bookworm who turned over a new leaf”

Joey’s Big Day

Joey the red kangaroo gets his big chance to leave the safety of his mummy’s pouch and explore an amazing new world. There he finds a lot of weird and wonderful creatures and some not too friendly.

The Fox’s Tale

Redstart’s Mum says he’s too young to go outside the den at night. But when he peeps out he sees the moon’s children, the stars, in the sky. ‘How come they can go out at night and I can’t?’ says Redstart And so he… Continue Reading “The Fox’s Tale”

What the Owl Saw

Owls like to stay awake at night and sleep by day. But Hushy, the baby owl, is too curious for that. So what does he see while his family are sleeping? A world full of wonderful things!