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Do you want to draw like Don Conroy? Witches! Ghosts! Vampires! Owls! Snakes! Giraffes! Here’s the fun way to learn to draw them all!
Don lets us in on the secrets of drawing the craziest cartoons like an expert!

Mobiles! Mazes! Jokes! How to draw! Let’s get going and have some dinosaur style fun!
Hi! Come on in and meet me. Rocky the Dinosaur! A member of the most successful species ever to roam the earth! What’s that you say? We’re extinct? Yes, but my kind lasted over 165 million years! That’s what I call success!
Want to read my Dino-files? Did you know T-Rex means terrible Lizard?Come on in and let me tell you more!
A lively mixture of fun and facts in this activity book for children of all ages.

Colour us! Draw us! Learn about our exciting lives!
Here’s the fun way to become a wildlife expert!